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The Lord Chancellor was historically the closest advisor to the English sovereign. The office originated 1400 years ago. The Lord Chancellor had a range of delegated powers and responsibilities to help the King or Queen run the country. This is the inspiration for the name of our company and activity.


In short, we provide Private Office services to high net worth families, individuals and family office professionals and help to “manage the managers”. We usually start by charting all assets and liabilities, both active (income producing investments) and passive (properties & collections). Often, at a later stage, we assist in the preparation of family members for the responsibilities to come. We encourage a dialogue across the generations to try to minimize the risk of future conflicts. 


Each client is unique, and the future support needed will vary: sometimes we act simply as a sounding board; at other times we provide a full range of services.

This offering is different because we do not manage money, financial or other assets. We provide a service that is transparent and without any of the conflicts that other service providers may struggle with. 

Chancellor’s Office is an independent service provider with the sole focus on client interests. We receive no commissions or retrocessions from third parties, neither do we pay for introductions.

Chancellor's Office AB is a Swedish limited company with its office in Stockholm.


Private Office Services



Chancellor's Office offers a comprehensive and transparent range of support. We can:


  • Maintain a complete overview of all assets whether active or passive
  • Secure maximum confidentiality
  • Assist in obtaining the best external advice and services at the right price
  • Provide education for the client and family
  • Help to ensure the best control of assets 
  • Clarify the objectives both short- and long-term, and
  • Assist in succession planning to minimise the risk of future conflicts.


As a Private Office we do not compete with existing service providers. We assist in the dialogue with them. In some cases advisors will not have a complete overview of the client’s total net assets which has an impact on assessing risks. We are also able to obtain second opinions without disturbing established relationships.








Our team:

Board members:

Anders Grundberg, chairman


Clas Romander


Karl Hultman


Clas Romander


Mikael af Ekenstam

Henric Ankarcrona

Anna Grundberg


Karl Hultman, Managing Director

Mobile: +46 708 175 860